Music and Art Learning (MALer) Lab (@ Dept. Art & Technology, Sogang University) aims to understand music and art computationally, especially through deep learning. Our research interests covers broad music information retrieval including computational modeling of music generation and music performance, computational musicology, and cross-modal generation. The ultimate goal of our research is to enhance artistic experiences in our society based on our computational understanding of music and art.

Our research group is currently at full capacity and not accepting new applicants for graduate program. Please check back for future openings.

If you’re interested in the research conducted in our lab, we highly recommend taking AATG015 - Deep Learning for Music & Audio as it provides a solid foundation for the work we do and will give you a head start on potential research projects in the future.


  • 정다샘 Dasaem Jeong
    • Assistant Professor at the Department of Art & Technology
    • Affiliated with the Department of AI (Graduate School)

Master’s Students

  • 이다솔 Dasol Lee (아트&테크놀로지)

  • 류지우 (인공지능학과 DHE 트랙)

  • 김대웅 (인공지능학과 DHE 트랙) website

  • 김동민 (인공지능학과 DHE 트랙) website

  • 정종민 (인공지능학과 DHE 트랙) website

  • 이시훈 (인공지능학과 DHE 트랙)

Undergraduate Interns


  • 오명석 Myung Seok Oh
  • 김혜린 Hyerin Kim
  • 한단비내린 Danbinaerin Han website